Friday, April 10, 2009

Save Danforth Park!

Join the Students for Danforth Park in their efforts to save a restore Danforth Park on the MSU Campus by purchasing a Save Danforth Park button at the MSU Bookstore for $2. All proceeds go to restoration of the park. Here's a little history:

- Danforth Park, formerly known as the Iris Gardens, was built in 1930 by the Associate Society of Women of MSU during economic hardship.
- Each female member donated $.50. Each male student paid $1.00 to fund the park. Shortly after, other groups on campus bought inot the vision and gave financial support. Thus, the park was created!

As the campus grew, the park became neglected and forgotten. The Students for Danforth Park want to revive this space as a tribute to those students who gave so much, as well as expand and integrate the park into campus life as a place to study, relax, enjoy beauty and nature and recreate. The group would like to change the name of the park back to the Iris Garden.

For more information on Project Iris Garden, visit and find them on Facebook by clicking here.

If you would like to help with the project or donate money, email

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